The ministries of Orchard are built around the gifts, talents, and interests of the people who we partner with.

Cultural Engagement

Case for Faith

Team Leader James Davie, an I.T. professional, was deeply impacted personally when he discovered the veracity and validity of the claims of Christianity. Because of the impact apologetics have had on him personally, he started Case for Faith to serve others by offering seminars for skeptics and believers concerning issues of faith.

Creative Conversations

Our society has become increasingly polarized as it relates to how we respond to the cultural challenges of the day. Amisho Lewis, who performs as a speaker and hip hop artist under the name Sho Baraka, realized that his talents equipped him to facilitate conversations about challenging issues in a peaceful and productive way. Using open mic, hip hop, panel discussions, and other methods of communications, Amisho hosts these periodic events in Atlanta and abroad.

Crucifix & Politics

Justin Giboney, an attorney working in Atlanta politics, felt a void. Urban Christians did not seem to have a voice in the political arena. Wanting to help change that issue, Justin began Crucifix & Politics as a collaborative platform for urban Christians who seek to be politically engaged.

His Business Partners

Led by Lincoln Kokaram, His Business Partners offers seminars on leadership, passion, and unleashing inner power. Lincoln’s works to change people’s attitude towards work, to break the 80/20 rule and to equip Christians to let their light shine in the workplace, so that many will come to know the Lord. Learn More

Love-All Tennis Ministry

What do you do when you are a really great tennis player who really loves Jesus? That was where Elizabeth Brooks found herself years ago. Today, she is reaching tennis players for Christ at her local public tennis center through the evangelistic and prayer ministries of Love-All Tennis Ministry.

One City. Many Voices.

Concert events can draw many people to a single space. The founders – including Board member Terrell McCollum and Atlanta-based musician Gwen Hughes – saw this appeal as an opportunity to engage the culture around them. Now spearheaded by team leader Gia Bottiglione, One City, Many Voices creates periodic concert events intended to engage culture through music for the glory of God.

The Real Movement

“They were just yelling about how angry Jesus was at all the sinners.” That is what Cam Buchanan heard as he walked through the campus of Georgia State University. Cam started The Real Movement as a venue for college students to show the “real” Jesus to other college students. Today, they operate on the campuses of Georgia State University, Kennesaw State University, and the University of Georgia with a leadership team of over 30 college students.  Learn More


Team Leader Jason Thomas leads this ministry which creates opportunities for people of good faith to engage in productive conversations around the racial divisions in our country. This ministry pays special attention to discovering ways to practically move forward with productive solutions to our most significant problems in this area.

Way of Life

Our Founder and Executive Director, Dan Hayes, has nearly five decades of experience in evangelistic ministry. With his breadth of knowledge and experience, Dan offers periodic training for people to discover ways they can begin to relationally share their faith with others.

Families and Children

Growing in Grace

“You come home with a newborn child and your thinking to yourself, ‘now what’? That was the question that Occupational Therapist Stacy Lyons realized new moms were asking when they brought their babies home. Wanting to help moms dealing with that, Growing in Grace was born as a community outreach that serves moms by giving them better resources related to the development of children newborn-5 years old. Learn More

Living 1.27

The biblical imperative for caring for children in need is clear. That is what John and Deena Theiss thought. Although John and Deena live busy lives as an airline pilot and a medical doctor, respectfully, they also saw a need to recruit foster families to serve children in need. They then felt led to provide ongoing care for them. Living 1.27 accomplishes both of those goals, operating primarily out of Fellowship Bible Church in Roswell, GA. Learn More

Spring of Life Couples Ministry

Eric and Nancy Motundo have a deep desire to help marriages grow stronger and deeper. Spring of Life was launched as an events focused ministry to fulfill this desire. Learn More

Young Gunz

Run by Corn Williams and Curt Swilley, Young Gunz is a brotherhood that holds 6th-12th graders accountable to grow in my faith, develop lasting friendships and become a servant-leader that will influence change.

One Talent Inc. 

One Talent provides opportunities for girls to: recognize their abilities, enhance their technology skills and awareness, participate in educational and career development activities and experimental learning experiences (inclusive of cultural and social opportunities). The girls have a platform to showcase their talents (inclusive of their oral and written skills).

One Talent, Inc. encourages its participants to reach for higher heights, take the road less traveled, and dare to go above and beyond expectations. It is the goal of One Talent, Inc. to instill as many positive influences as possible to help our youth channel their gifts and talents in the right direction. Learn More

Foundations Youth Center

Foundations Youth Center serves youth from all ethnic and social backgrounds between the ages of 11-18. They do this by creating opportunities for youth to responsibly express themselves through media. The youth will be able to express themselves through music, video production/ editing, music appreciation, modern art/drawing, computer graphics, and through the art of dance.  With a focus on quality programming, FYC fosters an atmosphere of media awareness and spiritual growth.  Learn More

Iron 2 Iron

Lead by Team Leader Johnny Brown, Iron 2 Iron seeks to reunite estranged fathers with their children.  Through extensive leadership training, In school programs, and one-on-one discipleship they re-engineer the hearts of men who have not mastered the skills needed to be a Husband, Father, and Men. Learn More

Poverty and Crisis

Beautiful Feet

Led by Stephen Boyd, Beautiful Feet provides shoes to children in need each Christmas. Currently, shoes are given in collaboration with Summerhill Community Ministries and Peace Preparatory Academy.

Engines for Emanuel

Melvin Glaize, an I.T. professional at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, and Dave Peterson, and employee at Chick-fil-A’s home office, discovered a shared love for motorcycles and assisting people in crisis situations when they raised $15,000 to give to families impacted by the church shootings in Charleston, SC a few years back. Today, EFE is leverages their love for motorcycles to serve people in crisis situations on an ongoing basis.

Feeding God’s Little Ones

In order to help children in Woodson Park Academy, a Title 1 school in northwest Atlanta, achieve their greatest potential in school, we oversee a feeding program giving weekend snacks to over 650 children in this school with 100% of its population falling beneath the poverty line.

Hebrews 13:3

When John Decker, a commercial real estate developer in Atlanta, had a friend go to prison, he decided to write him a letter. That friend, a Christian, asked John for some devotional resources for himself and for other prisoners who wanted to know about Jesus. Hebrews 13:3 was started to resource this movement which, to date, has provided devotional materials to over 15% of the population of the correctional facility* that this ministry serves. (*Name is withheld for confidentiality purposes.)

Most Needy Project

Through the gifts of generous donors, we are able to offer resources to select non-profit organizations serving the most economically needy among us.

Second Saturdays

Want to serve but have no idea how to get started? Second Saturdays is for you! This wonderful ministry provides ongoing opportunities to serve every second Saturday of the month. Click here for more information.

The Clothes Closet

The Clothes Closet is a community project in the Upper Westside of Atlanta. The ministry exists to provide all essential clothing items to the under resourced in the local community. Knowing the negative effects of gentrification and the growing mixed population of resourced and under-resourced. Peggy Watson along with other members of her church were inspired by Isaiah 58: 6-10 to start the project. Peggy took on the led role of organizing local donations, volunteers and workdays to set up a ‘store’ in the basement of their church in order to host free clothing events. The events take place three times a year and allow those in need to not only receive clothing but also, be treated with dignity. Prayerfully, these events are making real relationships possible, connecting currently segmented parts of their community.

Spiritual Development

Dan Hayes Speaking Ministry

With nearly 50 years of ministry experience, Dan is available to speak and teach on a variety of topics. Inner life, serving, and prayer are among his favorites! Although often quite nuanced, his approach is very easy to understand and rooted in biblical wisdom (with emphasis given to the life of Jesus in the gospels).

Jonathan Goode Speaking Ministry

Jonathan brings a unique approach to preaching and teaching that is insightful, discerning, and easy to understand. His messages merge historical Christian orthodoxy and modern cultural trends to consider the best ways for today’s Jesus followers to leverage their life for Christ in a way that both relates well to society and honors their faith heritage.

Better Men Bible Study (Orchard’s Men’s Ministry)

“Men are looking for better methods, God is looking for better men!” (E. M. Bounds) Better Men Bible Study exists to help men experience deeper spiritual life, pray bigger prayers and impact in the world more noticeably. These meetings occur at 7:30am on Friday mornings. All men are welcome to join!


It is impossible to overstate the importance of prayer in the life of Orchard. We hope it is important in your life too and we’d love to offer you opportunities to grow deeper in prayer! For more information on our current prayer initiatives, click here.

Sabbath Rest

Led by Becky Shoaf, Sabbath Rest is a periodic series of events that offers four hours of silence for busy Atlantans. Visit for more information.

sevenoh5 2.0

This group is made for people looking to go deeper in their understanding of the scriptures, develop greater depth in Christian community, and who want to discover how to more effectively live their lives for Jesus.

Participation in this group requires a commitment from Labor Day to Memorial Day.


Blossoming Vines

Founder Sonia Adams started Blossoming Vines to allow women a space to blossom where they are and extend their reach to others! This vision is fulfilled through special events, networking opportunities, mentoring, and through their Super Single Moms initiative each fall.

Childcare Provider Training in Spanish

With 10-15% of its program attendees making first time professions of faith in Jesus Church, this is the most fruitful evangelistic ministry in ACM’s history! Claudia Lopez, an employee in Atlanta Public Schools, hosts special trainings for Spanish speaking women to learn how to become childcare providers in America. These trainings all conclude with a special presentation of the gospel.

Elegant Doves

Linda Michelle Trainer found hope and healing in Jesus Christ after years of being sexually violated by a family member. She started Elegant Doves to help people who have experiences similar to hers discover that same hope and healing. Elegant Doves encourages, educates and equips women and teen girls through workshops, support groups, mentoring, and crisis hotline assistance to overcome the effects of incest abuse and post-abortion trauma and break the cycle of sexual abuse in families.

Grace & Truth

Dottie Tidwell and Peggy Lientz lead this discipleship ministry for professional women in their 20s and 30s. This study encourages personal, as well as spiritual, growth through Bible study and practical domestic insights and meets in the homes of the leaders.

The 61 Exchange

The name comes from Isaiah 61:3, That [God] will give a crown of beauty for ashes and joy for mourning. Led by Team Leader Amy Boland, The 61 Exchange promotes stories of how Jesus has done this exchange in women’s lives and ultimately point people towards the greatest exchange, the Gospel. Their goal is accomplished through special events and an online community.

The audiences our ministries serve are quite diverse and our volunteers represent over 100 churches in the metro Atlanta area. We would love to help you discover ways to shine your light in the world.

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