Why We Changed Our Name

Welcome to Orchard

While some of you may be new to our ministry, many of you have known us as Atlanta Community Ministries, or ACM, and you may be wondering why we have now changed our name to Orchard. We hope this page will help answer your questions. Please feel free to contact either of us and we will be happy to speak personally with you if you have any additional thoughts or concerns.


Dan Hayes
Founder & Executive Director

Jonathan Goode
Deputy Director

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why the name change?

    As our twentieth anniversary began approaching, our Board of Directors and staff started praying about and discussing a question: “What do we want our ministry’s impact to be on our fiftieth birthday?” Answering that question honestly meant evaluating every aspect of our organization. Quickly, two things related to our previous name became apparent. First, the use of the word “Atlanta” limited our potential impact geographically. Secondly, our name was more descriptive than inspiring. It became apparent to our team while God was leading us to deepen our commitment to Atlanta, he was also leading us to consider how we can impact people in many other cities and towns around the country. This meant that we needed a more universal name that could carry an inspirational message in a more compelling way than before.

  2. Was the name change a result of a problem?

    Absolutely not! Quite the opposite, actually! 2016 was one of our most fruitful years of ministry yet. Our ministries saw over 190 commitments for Christ, all while serving over 25,000 people. From a funding standpoint, God continues to bless us with increasingly generous donors who equip our ministry in especially powerful ways. This name change is the result of our leadership sensing God moving our ministry to expand and deepen our impact in the world around us.

  3. Whose decision was it to change the name?

    The final decision was a unanimous vote from our Board of Directors, which consisted of thirteen men and women. Staff members and select stakeholders provided additional input throughout the process.

  4. Has anything else about the organization changed?

    The mission, vision, and values remain the same. The packaging that the organization lives in has changed from “Atlanta Community Ministries” to “Orchard” and our ministries are currently expanding in many exciting ways. Otherwise, we are the same ministry.

  5. Why did you choose the name Orchard?

    When we founded Atlanta Community Ministries 20 years ago, we named it to accurately reflect what the organization was (which was a popular practice at the time). It described our geographical reach, and our purpose of forming Christ-like community through the creation of ministries throughout the city. Since then, however, we have considerably broadened our mission to be more multi-faceted, and we have continually refined and redeveloped our purpose and identity as a ministry. In other words, we found that we had outgrown our name. We chose to rename the organization Orchard: As a word, it quickly conjures up images of fruit, growth, and abundance. As a name, it fits our sky’s-the-limit attitude of what we can accomplish — both organizationally and geographically. We’re excited about our name change and about broadening our overall scope of ministry, but our ultimate goal has not changed — we hope and pray that Orchard will continue to inspire others to know Christ more deeply and to share His love with others.

  6. Are you still committed to the Christian faith?

    More than ever! Our first value is that “Jesus is the Center” of our ministry. We are so focused on expanding and deepening as an organization because we desire to see more people in more places experience the love of Jesus in the deepest and most meaningful ways possible.

  7. Will contact information change?

    As we transition from Atlanta Community Ministries to Orchard, a new website and new email addresses will be established. During this time, however, all ACM related communication tools will remain active and fully functional. This means that if you send email to our old addresses, they will forward directly to our new addresses without a hitch! Our mailing address will remain the same as will our phone number.

  8. What about donations?

    Donations online will remain the same. Donations by check will also remain the same but we will now accept them made out to “Orchard”. (If you happen to make a mistake and write “ACM” out of habit, don’t worry. We can still deposit that.)

  9. Will there be any leadership changes?

    All staff and members of the Board of Directors will continue in their current roles as we move forward. As with any growing organization, we do plan to add additional women and men in key roles in the months and years ahead.

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