We are proud to announce the launch of the Orchard Institute! The Orchard Institute houses all of Orchard’s teaching and training ministries and is intended to offer resources that strengthen the believer’s inner life and provide practical training/consultation for those in ministry.  This fall, the Institute is offering the following courses:

 “Discovering and Living out My Life Purpose”- taught by Dan Hayes and Jonathan Goode.

“Asking – The Art of  Personal Fundraising” – taught by Dan Hayes

 There are only 25 spots available for each class so register today!

Course Description 

We all tend to believe that clarity of purpose in our jobs, families, relationships, and connection to God etc. is a huge part of what makes life in this world worth living. With more than four decades of combined experience helping people discover and live out their purpose. Dan Hayes, (Orchard Executive Director) and Jonathan Goode, (Orchard Deputy Director) will help each participant answer these questions and then develop a clear blueprint and plan for engaging their personal purpose daily.

Course details

Instructor: Dan Hayes & Jonathan Goode

For more information about class instructors CLICK HERE

Oct 19th – Nov 9th

Thursdays @ 7 pm

Location: Orchard Offices

Course Description 

Fundraising can be the scariest and overwhelming part of leading a non-profit. But it doesn’t have to be. With fifty years of fundraising experience behind him, Orchard Founder & Executive Director Dan Hayes has much to share on this topic. This class is part practical applications, part biblical principles, and part simple encouragement to help any faith-based ministry grow in their fundraising efforts. (Registration also includes lunch for each participant.)

Course topics 

How to make appointments (including sample scripts)

 The spiritual foundation for fundraising 

The place of prayer in fund raising

How to find contacts

How to ask

Course details

Instructor: Dan Hayes

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Wednesday, October 25th

10 am- 1:30 pm (Lunch is included) 

Location: Orchard Offices

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