Leadership Transition

A Message from our Board of Directors

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Orchard, I am writing to inform you of some important organizational news.

On July 1, 2018, Dan will step aside as Executive Director and hand the reigns over to our Deputy Director, Jonathan Goode. Goode (as his friends call him) is a known quantity around Orchard, having been with us for seven years, first as a ministry Team Leader and now as a staff member. Our Board is unanimous in its confidence that this is the appropriate time for this transition and that Goode is the right person to guide Orchard into our next season of ministry.

To hear Dan explaining this transition in his own words, please watch the video below. Also, for additional information regarding this transition, we have provided a frequently asked questions section towards the bottom of this page.


Jim Lientz
Chairman, Orchard Board of Directors

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When will this transition take place?

    July 1, 2018

  2. Does this mean Dan is retiring?

    Absolutely not! Dan will simply be reducing his hours and more specifically focusing his time on those things which he does really well and enjoys. Namely, he will be focused on writing content for the Orchard Institute, teaching, and fundraising. Dan will also be working closely alongside Goode on some special projects we will be rolling out in the coming months.

  3. Can you tell me a little more about Jonathan Goode?

    Jonathan grew up in Dublin, GA. At eighteen he moved to Atlanta to intern at North Point Community Church and to attend Georgia State University.

    Life and family experiences caused Jonathan to be burdened at a very young age to see more Christians truly sharing the love of Jesus with those around them. READ MORE

  4. How was Jonathan selected as next Executive Director?

    Dan started talking to Board about this in 2007. Donations slowed down from 2008-2011 as a result of the recession so our ability to act was limited. In 2012, with the economy recovering, the search ramped up and the decision was made to hire two new positions: a Ministry Operations Manager to handle the administrative work of the ministry and a Deputy Director who would be more focused on the programs. The hope was that this Deputy Director could possibly grow into the Executive Director role as well, though we knew that was never a guarantee.

    In 2013, Dan and Jonathan began informal conversations about Jonathan becoming the Deputy Director once he graduated from Beeson Divinity School. By 2014 those conversations had intensified with Jonathan also interviewing with multiple members of Orchard’s Board of Directors. At the same time, Edward Falls was hired to fill the role of Ministry Operations Manager. In the fall of 2014, Jonathan was offered the position of Deputy Director to start July 2015 (following his graduation from Beeson).

    Since Edward and Jonathan’s arrival, several other young and talented staff members have joined the Orchard team. This expanded team has allowed us to dream and pray even bigger! We rebranded last year from Atlanta Community Ministries (ACM) to Orchard in hopes that God would enable us to serve more people in more places. This has led to the launch of the Orchard Institute and our expansion into Birmingham, AL.

    During this time, Orchard has also added 17 new ministries and seen over 300 people indicate first time decisions to follow Jesus through our ministries. Orchard has thrived with our expanded team and Jonathan has certainly been instrumental in leading these new initiatives.

    Jonathan was hired with the hope that he could be groomed to assume this role. After nearly three years in his current role, Dan and the Board of Directors are unanimous in their belief that he is the right man for the job for this season of Orchard’s ministry. The plan seems to have worked, thanks to God’s enabling!

  5. How do the rest of the staff and Board of Directors feel about the selection of Jonathan?

    There is a real excitement about Jonathan’s fresh leadership and about Dan being positioned to focus on the things he is really uniquely equipped to do. We think that combination will help advance the ministry overall in some exciting ways! It seems like God’s timing and orchestration is in the center of this transition.

  6. Will the vision or mission of the organization change?

    Absolutely not!

    Orchard exists to see all Christ-followers shining their lights as brightly as possible, transforming lives so that everyone experiences God’s love more deeply. We accomplish this by inspiring and equipping people to show the love of Christ by using their unique talents to meet the human and spiritual needs of others.

    Our vision and mission is protected by our Board of Directors. The Executive Director works under the authority of the Board to advance the vision and mission of the larger organization. Jonathan will continue leading Orchard to achieve the same vision and mission our stakeholders signed up to support in the first place!

  7. Are there any plans to honor Dan for his time as Executive Director?

    Yes! Not just for his time as Executive Director of Orchard, but for completing 50 years in full-time vocational ministry! We are working on plans for a party now to be held Thursday, June 14. Be sure to save the date and be on the lookout for more information.

  8. Who can I talk to if I have more questions?

    Both Dan and Goode welcome your questions or comments. Their contact information is below.  Please feel free to contact them with any questions or concerns.

    Jonathan Goode – jgoode@meetorchard.org

    Dan Hayes – dhayes@meetorchard.org

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