We have all been impacted by the pandemic, some of us more than others. These uncertainties for some make it especially difficult to have optimism for the days to come. This is why Orchard is launching Hope for Tomorrow

Hope for Tomorrow is a focused initiative to step up support of our partners caring for the most economically vulnerable in our communities. This includes the homeless, near homeless, working poor, and anyone facing hopelessness due to economic uncertainties. 

To empower this initiative, Orchard is seeking to raise $100,000 kickstarted by a generous donor matching the first $50,000.

Your generosity today will enable the Orchard team to accomplish these three goals between now and Labor Day:

Current Impact

  • Alabama Childhood Food Solutions distributes food to over 3,000 people per month across a ten-counties. Since COVID hit, that number has skyrocketed! To support their growth, Orchard is working with them to develop clear Policies & Procedures and plans for long-term sustainability.
  • Church Partners – In May, a church in Atlanta worked with Orchard to launch a focused fundraising initiative for ministries serving the poor in May. Their goal was to raise $250,000 from their congregation. By God’s grace, they blew past that goal and raised nearly $600,000 — 100% of which is going to the most vulnerable! 
  • PAWkids – Orchard partner LaTonya and her team at PAWKids is helping feed the people of Grove Park. Before COVID-19, PAWKids was providing enrichment opportunities for families and when the need for food became extreme after schools closing, PAWKids responded quickly. Orchard is working with them to develop a $250,000 capital campaign to purchase a building to run a food co-op.
  • Every Woman Works – Orchard Partner EWW seeks to empower women who are dealing with life challenges by providing them with the tools necessary to achieve financial independence, personal growth, family leadership, and a spiritual foundation through a curriculum of continuous education. Orchard is working with them to strengthen their fundraising initiatives.

OneRace – Orchard Partner One Race held a peaceful rally and march for racial injustice in June. Orchard gave them a significant grant for this event and helped recruit participants from churches across metro Atlanta. An estimated 13,000 people showed up proclaiming the mantra of “No Jesus, No Peace!” across the downtown area. 

Blossoming Vines – A woman’s ministry focused on helping Women blossom where they are and extend their reach to others. Orchard awarded a matching grant to strengthen its high school program.

Summerhill Community Ministries – Grant awarded to build a new deck to their facility to create additional outdoor space for classes during COVID-19.

PAWKids – Grant awarded to build to produce a promotional video to strengthen organizational branding.

Alabama Childhood Food Solutions – Significant Grant provided to provide consulting and support for operational and infrastructure improvements.

New Partners 

Fades for Faith –   Fades for Faith is a ministry that helps support Atlanta’s underprivileged young men through barbering services, from grooming to career opportunities. Learn More

Blueprint 58 – Blueprint 58 is a ministry that exists to empower youth to grow into community leaders through mutually transformational relationships in the Pittsburgh neighborhood of Atlanta. Learn More

Summerhill Community Ministries  – Empowering young people in Summerhill to break the destructive life cycles through youth ministry.  Learn More

The Exceptional Foundation of Atlanta – Enhancing the lives of adults with disabilities by fostering work opportunities and social engagement with like-minded peers. Learn More

Be Compelled Inc.– Helping the next generation of leaders develop through personal and athletic achievement. Learn More

The WellHouse – Fighting human trafficking by providing victims with the best trauma services in a world class setting. Learn More

Atlanta Breakfast Club – Providing a safe space for collaboration, fellowship, and unity for black Christian leaders and influencers in Atlanta.

The Ellipsis Experience – Empowering young African American women to explore their unique stories and lean to God’s vision for their lives. Learn more

Children’s Hope – Caring for children, strengthening families, and serving communities in Haiti. Learn More