Orchard knows our Partners are people first- and people are complex! In order to help them thrive as ministry leaders, our services are designed to serve them as as a person, too. This includes these four key areas: Spiritually, Strategically, Operationally and Individually.

Each year Orchard offers all of our Partners the chance to complete an Orchard Road Map. This one-year strategic plan gives the Partners greater clarity for their immediate ministry work. It also offers Orchard a picture of our Partner’s true needs and how best we can serve them.

“I didn’t really know that I was getting into when I went in to Orchard, but truly they have given us resources that we could not have otherwise accessed….Everyone [at Orchard] is so positive and wants you to succeed and that’s not something you find in the marketplace. That’s valuable as well.”

Click the video to hear more details on how Orchard is bridging the gap for Beth and the Exceptional Foundation of Atlanta!