Orchard is Built for Lasting Impact

It is exciting to look back and see the Lord’s provision for Orchard throughout 2022! We kicked off with great momentum by meeting our major program goals. We launched the Orchard Institute and started our individualized Coaching program. These resources are designed to help cultivate the work of our


The Church in America: Changing or Declining?

You do not have to look hard to find pessimistic perspectives about the place of Christianity in America today. Denominations are shrinking and splitting. Big churches from yesterday are shutting their doors today. Well-known speakers and authors are finding themselves in scandals on a semi-regular basis. Younger generations are

Thank you, Liz Head

A letter from former Director of Operations, Liz Head: This new year brings me to a moment of change: My last day as Orchard’s Operations Director was January 13th.  This is bittersweet news for me to share because it means that a wonderful season at Orchard has drawn to