Kavian Baker understands all too personally the difficulty of being a single mother and not having the available resources or access to public benefits that she needs for her family. She once found herself in a place where government assistance wasn’t readily available, her community was out of answers, and there were simply little to no sources available to meet her family’s growing needs.  

This is why Kavian is leading Sisters for Society, an organization out of Newnan, Georgia serving individuals and families who face financial hardships. They are working to give families access to critical services such as financial education, youth entrepreneurship, housing, home repairs, food distribution, elderly assistance and counseling. Kavian is working toward helping individuals find independence and self-sufficiency.  Once she acquired her official 501c3 status in 2017, she hit the ground running.   

“We shouldn’t be struggling. If we open our hearts and minds and hands up a little, we can see God is working.” Kavian firmly believes this and wants to support others to do the same. Sisters for Society offers what is called A Breakout Program. This 18-month long journey helps individuals work through four main steps: (1) Goal setting (2) Financial Planning (3) Preparation (4) Implementation. Their ultimate goal is to help families regain control of their life. 

Their program is very interactive. An art therapist helps individuals creative vision boards to help them stay focused. Their partners help resource the Dave Ramsey Financial program, which includes a one-year membership. But ultimately, Kavian understands that they are building relationships. She has seen firsthand that when someone cares enough to help you out, you’re going to let them in on more of what’s happening in your life. She has seen participants come through the doors not willing to expose their hardships, but with relational equity being built, they slowly reveal their needs, both physical and emotional.  

Kavian shared one of her favorite impact stories with us about a woman who participated in their Breakout Program. This woman had been going through some personal stressors. As a breast cancer survivor, going through a divorce and adjusting to becoming a single parent, she was carrying a personal heavy load. Even in spite of working for the local school system, she was unable to recognize a steady flow of income without added stress and worry, making simple mistakes with how she both spent and saved her money. Yet she was fully committed to the program, which is the only thing that Sisters for Society asks of each participant. They get to participate free of cost, but they are expected to show up. And this mother did. On hard days and rainy day and long days, she showed up and did the work.

Kavian and her team were able to celebrate all of her accomplishment last Christmas by blessing her family with multiple gifts. But this work to get to a place of celebration was not done alone. With the help and support of Kavian and Sisters for Society’s volunteer team, they helped her move into her own place, furnish her home and help her set up a sustainable emergency fund. As Kavian said, “She learned it, and now she lives it.” 

Kavian is working toward helping individuals find independence and self-sufficiency. In her humility and generosity, she realizes that God is using her to show love to her community through education and finding resources that she once needed herself. “None of this belongs to me. I’m just God’s and I’m doing His work.”  

If you want to learn more about Sisters for Society and find out about ways to support this community in Newnan, Georgia, check them out HERE