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To see a world where Christ is known because of the actions of His followers.


Orchard inspires Christ-followers to launch and lead creative initiatives serving those in need.


Orchard provides comprehensive online training, coaching, and one-on-one consulting to non-profit ministry leaders. Our services are tailored to both new and experienced leaders with the goal of deepening impact today and strengthening long-term viability for the years to come. Our services are entirely free of charge to our non-profit ministry Partners, thanks to generous donors who invest in Orchard year over year. 


Orchard’s service cycle kicks off each August with our Partners. We use this time to update them on changes to our program, and introducing new services. This annual kick-off acts as launching pad for everything else to come!

From Labor Day to Thanksgiving, our team engages in what we call “Road Map Season.” During this time we walk Partners through our exclusive process where we help them form their own Road Map — a strategic plan for the year ahead. This allows our Partners to slow down, take some time to pray and reflect, and gain clarity on how God is leading them. This allows Orchard greater clarity on the vision each Partner has for their ministries and the hurdles they’ll need to overcome to realize that vision.

Once road maps are completed, while many businesses and ministries slow down during the holiday season (Thanksgiving to Christmas), Orchard  sets schedules with our Partners for the year and the services they are set to receive.

CONSULTING – Our consultants offer expertise in various areas including Personal Development, Creative, Spiritual Growth, and Organizational/Operational development. CLICK HERE to see a full list of Consulting services. 

COACHING – Orchard coaches provide general encouragement and accountability to our partners as they navigate the obstacles of running a successful nonprofit/ministry. 

TRAINING – The Orchard Institute Foundations Curriculum is a comprehensive online training program that equips non-profit leaders with spiritual and operational support that helps their organizations to thrive. The Curriculum includes:

  • Spiritual Foundations: Rooted for Lasting Impact
  • Strategy & Story: Understanding What You Do and Why You Do It
  • Inspire Investment: You Can Fundraise Better than You Think
  • Cultivate Sustainability: Building an organization that is Bigger than You (Coming 2023)
CLICK HERE to explore the Orchard Institute 


The needs of ministry leaders vary significantly from person to person. Their leadership seasons are different, their organizations require different levels and types of resources, and their life circumstances differ greatly. With this in mind, we take a “Systematically Individualized” approach to serving every leader in our program.

In order to measure our effectiveness at serving our Partners, we regularly evaluate three key areas of their ministry health:

  • How are the Partner and their ministry accessing spiritual power through prayer?
  • How healthy is the Partner’s engagement in a Christian community of faith?
  • Is the Partner taking care of themselves (physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and relationally)?
  • Is the Partner effective at developing an annual strategic plan and following through with it?
  • Can the Partner effectively and succinctly communicate the vision and mission of their organization?
  • Can the Partner consistently and effectively raise funds for their ministry?
  • How satisfied is the Partner with Orchard’s services?
  • How likely would the Partner be to recommend Orchard to a colleague?
  • What services would the Partner like to see added to Orchard?

Partner Testimonials

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We lead with our values.

These are not simply words. They frame the structure for everything we do and everything we say. We consistently emphasize the values to our Partners throughout our relationships with them.

Before we can love our neighbor well, we must love the Lord our God with all of our heart, our soul, our strength, and our mind. Glorifying Jesus Christ is the main goal of all that we do. Every aspect of Orchard ultimately exists to serve others and introduce them personally to Jesus.

Prayer is a multi-faceted communication with God – upward, inward, and outward. It is also an intentional component of all of our ministries. Prayer is the tool God has given us to communicate with Him for our personal growth and for clarity concerning our service in the world.

Love is not merely an external action; it is an
internal motivation. We serve, not out of a sense of duty or obligation, but because God loves us. We are able to receive His love and we want to pass that love on.

The Bible informs, guides, corrects, and instructs
our faith in Jesus by the power of the Spirit. With great authority the Bible instructs us on how we should lead our ministry. It provides wisdom and clarity. It guides us on what we should spend our time on.  

We are not designed to do life alone! Christian
community is Jesus-followers coming together to encourage and spur one another along throughout
life’s challenges. Ministry, ultimately, is meant to be an extension of the love we have as the Body of Christ. 

The Lord uses creative ways to reach people over the course of history. God creates people in His image with unique gifts, talents, and abilities. We believe ministry is most effective when it is done around the ways God has created His people, for when we do it leads us to new and innovative ways to share the love of Christ in the world.

Our Beliefs

The common bond for the people of Orchard is our faith in Jesus Christ. Our theological foundations include, but are not limited to the following statements of belief.


Salvation is…

obtained by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. All who repent of their sins and receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord are born again into eternal life as children of God.

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We believe…

in the accuracy, truth, authority, and power of the Holy Scriptures as the Word of God.

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We affirm…

the words of the Apostles’ Creed.

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