The Orchard Institute is the training arm of Orchard, which provides practical training and resources that address spiritual and operational challenges unique to Ministry Leaders and participants of the Orchard Partners program.

The Orchard Institute Foundations Curriculum is a comprehensive online training program that equips non-profit leaders with spiritual and operational support that helps their organizations to thrive. The Curriculum includes: 

  • Spiritual Foundations: Rooted for Lasting Impact
  • Strategy & Story: Understanding What You Do and Why You Do It
  • Inspire Investment: You Can Fundraise Better than You Think
  • Cultivate Sustainability: Building an Organization that is Bigger than You (Coming Soon)  

The Foundations Curriculum is currently only available to ministry and nonprofit leaders who have applied and been accepted in the Orchard Partners program. The Orchard Partners program provides cost-free consulting, coaching, training and strategic planning services to nonprofit leaders.  We walk alongside leaders year after year…before and after they have completed the training program. CLICK HERE to learn more about the Partners Program. 

Latest Resources

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Time Management - Kayla Joiner
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Creating Momentum - Jacob Bartlett
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Goal Setting - Henry C. Murphy

Hats of Leadership

The Orchard Institute presents Hats of Leadership - Becoming an Adaptable Leader, by Ryan Treadwell. Many leaders think they can lead everyone the same way, but in reality, leadership requires the discernment and knowledge of what dynamic role is best to take up at any given moment. In this eBook, you'll learn which "hat' to put on as situations arise.


Purpose Over Performance

We all tend to believe that clarity of purpose in our jobs, families, relationships, and connection to God etc. is a huge part of what makes life in this world worth living. In this book, Dan will give readers the tools to address these issues and develop clear steps towards engaging their personal purpose daily.


Praying for Change

Get happier about your prayer life starting right now. Get the new eBook, “Praying for Change,” free from the Orchard Institute. “Praying for Change” shows you how to overcome hindrances to prayer and gives practical examples from the life of Christ.