Through Orchard Partners,

We help ministry leaders thrive by providing cost-free, customized consulting, guidance, and resources.

Do you want to start a ministry to do good in your community or do you have an existing ministry that you would like to partner with Orchard?

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A note for all future partners: we have recently shifted to a seasonal consulting calendar! While we accept applications all year, developmental road maps are created for our partners in the fall, and personalized consulting and coaching sessions will begin in January. If you are accepted to the Orchard partner program however, you will immediately have access to the Orchard Institute year-round for comprehensive web-based training on a variety of topics. We are so excited to partner with you!



Strategic Planning

Our Approach


Each ministry leader completes an application process for acceptance. Once accepted, the Partner receives an initial evaluation to determine the greatest operational or spiritual needs of their ministry.


Partners are given an individualized road map to help them take the next steps to deepen their impact. This plan includes cost-free comprehensive training and one-on-one consulting that affords them the resources they need to grow.


Existing Partners are reevaluated annually and equipped with a new growth plan to help their ministry in the year to come.

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The ministries of Orchard are built around the gifts, talents, and interests of the people who we partner with.