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Do you want to start a ministry to do good in your community or do you have an existing ministry that you would like to partner with Orchard?

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A note for all future partners: we have recently shifted to a seasonal consulting calendar! While we accept applications all year, developmental road maps are created for our partners in the fall, and personalized consulting and coaching sessions will begin in January. If you are accepted to the Orchard partner program however, you will immediately have access to the Orchard Institute year-round for comprehensive web-based training on a variety of topics. We are so excited to partner with you!



Strategic Planning

Our Approach


Each ministry leader completes an application process for acceptance. Once accepted, the Partner receives an initial evaluation to determine the greatest operational or spiritual needs of their ministry.


Partners are given an individualized road map to help them take the next steps to deepen their impact. This plan includes cost-free comprehensive training and one-on-one consulting that affords them the resources they need to grow.


Existing Partners are reevaluated annually and equipped with a new growth plan to help their ministry in the year to come.

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The ministries of Orchard are built around the gifts, talents, and interests of the people who we partner with.

Cultural Engagement

Cru Urban Partnership is a ministry led by Tom Fritz and is designed to link Cru and Orchard in ways to more effectively engage the urban African-American community.

When John Decker, a commercial real estate developer in Atlanta, had a friend go to prison, he decided to write him a letter. That friend, a Christian, asked John for some devotional resources for himself and for other prisoners who wanted to know about Jesus. Hebrews 13:3 was started to resource this movement, which, to date, has provided devotional materials to over 15% of the population of the correctional facility* that this ministry serves. (*Name is withheld for confidentiality purposes.)

Led by LaTroya Hester, Media Woke provides workshops and courses that teach Christ-centered media literacy which helps Christians develop the skills to evaluate entertainment media to guard against influences and move you toward Jesus and your faith goals. Learn more.

Lead by Reginald Beaty, the goal of Faces of Change is to help change the faces of the parishioners in churches as they self-assess their own moral compass by asking the following driving question: “We are all born with a moral compass- what happens to it as we evolve and live through life”—- what shapes your (our) moral compass?

Led by Ben Davis, Noble Clay is a gym that provides personalized functional fitness to all members of the four metro Atlanta neighborhoods it serves. They do this by providing world-class training and creating a motivating, dynamic environment filled with like-minded people of all ages and body types. Learn more.

Led by Rob Harden, The TLAB is a mobile video and virtual gaming, plus music production truck. The TLAB exists to provide a fun, entertaining and inviting space where people of all ages and resources can bond and experience camaraderie. They do this through a technologically advanced environment where specialized skills and instruction in the arts can be made accessible to the community in greater Metro Atlanta and the surrounding area. Learn more.

Led by Todd Miechiels, The 3:15 Project is a cooperative that gives Christians greater courage and faith through the knowing and sharing of their story. By partnering with organizations and harvesting others’ stories of God’s love, The 3:15 Project seeks to share hope with more people than previously possible. Learn more.

Led by Josh Clemons, OneRace exists to displace the spirit of racism and release a movement of racial reconciliation across Atlanta, the Southeast, and the nation. Learn more.

Atlanta Breakfast Club exists to provide a safe space for collaboration, fellowship, and unity for black Christian leaders and influencers in Atlanta.

The Mane Mission, led by Kathy and Mike Hulley, is a ministry that hosts groups and individuals at the Hulleys farm and mountain homes as a retreat destination. They also open up their property to be used to provide animal assisted services such as horseback riding for the disabled and veterans.

Immigrant Hope Atlanta is led by Timothy Isaacson and serves immigrants to bring about the wider vision of Immigrant Hope National by providing of immigrant legal services, education, advocacy and replication. Learn More

Georgia Worship Choir is led by Dean Oliver and was started to help people whose churches don’t have choirs to be able to use their singing abilities in a community choir. This ministry wants to gather a diverse group of singers from all over the metro Atlanta area to participate.

Lead by Thaddeus Rollins, the goal of Veteran Support Services is to stand in the gap between the Veterans Administration and veterans in regards to homelessness, disability claims support, transportation needs, and 12 step peer / veteran support meetings. They envision becoming the most preferred and #1 veteran recovery community organization in Douglasville and surrounding areas. 

Deborah Beacham and her team work to provide legal resources and serve families fighting custody and child abuse cases; to preserve family stability, mental health and the parent-child relationships for families ensnared in the court system. Learn More

Being led by Lucius Rouser, UMovement has establish a community center for the unserved and under resourced in Marietta, seeking to provide for mental, spiritual, and financial needs through a variety of programs and services

Being led by Jesse Dukes, The Gathering People are moving from a church to a non-profit ministry, centered around “Go Days”, where a body of Jesus-loving people tangibly serve their community on Sunday mornings. Learn More

Led by Seanna Jimmeh-Bryce, SONshine is a ministry that is focused on suicide awareness and prevention especially amongst marginalized and/or black and brown communities. They are seeking to educate female figures on how to create a safe space for young men to openly discuss mental heath.

With a large team supporting their efforts and being led by partner Todd Wilson, GARR serves the housing recovery community throughout the state of Georgia, providing accreditation, advocacy and awareness to our members and the broader community. Learn more 

Family and Children

“You come home with a newborn child and you’re thinking to yourself, ‘now what’? That was the question that Occupational Therapist Stacy Lyons realized new moms were asking when they brought their babies home. Wanting to help moms dealing with that, Growing in Grace was born as a community outreach that serves moms by giving them better resources related to the development of children newborn-5 years old. Learn More

The biblical imperative for caring for children in need is clear. That is what John and Deena Theiss thought. Although John and Deena live busy lives as an airline pilot and a medical doctor, respectfully, they also saw a need to recruit foster families to serve children in need. They then felt led to provide ongoing care for them. Living 1.27 accomplishes both of those goals, operating primarily out of Fellowship Bible Church in Roswell, GA. Learn More

Eric and Nancy Matundo have a deep desire to help marriages grow stronger and deeper. Spring of Life was launched as an event focused ministry to fulfill this desire. Learn More

In order to help children at Woodson Park Academy, a Title 1 school in northwest Atlanta, achieve their greatest potential in school, we oversee a feeding program giving weekend snacks to over 650 children in this school with 100% of its population falling beneath the poverty line.

One Talent, led by co-founders Jo Ann Allen and Camilla Burroughs, provides opportunities for girls to: recognize their abilities, enhance their technology skills and awareness, participate in educational and career development activities and experimental learning experiences (inclusive of cultural and social opportunities). The girls have a platform to showcase their talents (inclusive of their oral and written skills). One Talent Inc. encourages its participants to reach for higher heights, take the road less traveled, and dare to go above and beyond expectations. It is the goal of One Talent Inc. to instill as many positive influences as possible to help our youth channel their gifts and talents in the right direction. Learn More

Lead by Team Leader Johnny Brown, Iron 2 Iron seeks to reunite estranged fathers with their children. Through extensive leadership training, in-school programs, and one-on-one discipleship, they re-engineer the hearts of men who have not mastered the skills needed to be a Husband, Father, and Men. Learn More

Founded by LaTonya Gates-Boston, PAWkids is an after-school enrichment program committed to partnering with the parents of Grove Park for the holistic development of their children spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. Learn More

Led by Danielle Bulloch, Capefree Connection is a ministry that specifically aims to reunite parents of children with life-threatening illnesses and special needs through fundraising events, parents’ nights out, educational seminars and resources that will provide them with information and access to much needed psychological, marital, and life/wellness professionals.

Led by Ruth Ann North, Presencia is a ministry that serves first-generation immigrant children and youth by providing tutoring, mentoring, and personal development. Learn More

La Amistad is working to prepare Latino students and families for success through academic and life enrichment programs. Their goal is that Latino students and families achieve life-long self-sufficiency. Learn More

Cross Cultural Ministries serves a predominantly immigrant community through education, enrichment programs, and community assistance. This ministry is led by Virginia Cosgrove which she has done since 1983. Lear More

Daniel Grissom is leading Father’s Walk to teach Black fathers their job description and provide toolkits to improve disciple-making at home. 

Led by Misty Manus, Adventure Bags works to serve displaced children across the state of Georgia offering them book bags filled with overnight essentials and comfort items during uncertain times. The key demographic are displaced children across the State of Georgia, including but not limited to children entering foster care, children being forced into domestic violent shelters, homeless shelters, children rescued from sex-tracking, children being treated by psychiatric facilities. Learn More

Led by Wesley Braswell, Children’s Hope focuses on caring for children, strengthening families, and serving communities in Haiti in Jesus’ name to bring about lasting transformation. They do this through multiple programs- a children’s home, education initiative, medical/dental clinic, community outreach, and a vibrant mission team ministry that serves Haitian communities in partnership with local churches and community leaders. Learn more

Poverty and Crisis

Melvin Glaize, an I.T. professional at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, and Dave Peterson, and employee at Chick-fil-A’s home office discovered a shared love for motorcycles and assisting people in crisis situations when they raised $15,000 to give to families impacted by the church shootings in Charleston, SC a few years back. Today, EFE leverages their love for motorcycles to serve people in crisis situations on an ongoing basis.

Led by Team Leader, Cameron Harris, Breaking the Shackles exists to raise awareness, collect funds, and mobilize students to actively fight modern-day slavery (human trafficking), to glorify God and share His love with all people. Learn more.

Lead by Danielle Vicente and Candace Gaston, Calling OverFlow’s mission is to cater to the needs of the homeless in underdeveloped neighborhoods of Atlanta by providing basic necessities and an opportunity to encounter Christ through prayer and spiritual encouragement.

Founded by Jim and Linda Jones and directed by Gene Rogers, Alabama Childhood Food Solutions in Birmingham, AL is an all-volunteer organization that provides food to food-insecure children in five counties in Central Alabama. They have been filling this need in their community since 2011. Everyday their goal is to make an impact on hunger in Alabama and beyond by providing a sustainable community source of nutritional food and food education. Learn more.

Led by Akers Keynon, Jobs for Life addresses the root causes of unemployment, underemployment, and disengagement with work by uniting churches, businesses, and community organizations and facilitating positive transformation within lives and communities. By helping people not only find and keep meaningful work but to also thrive in their work, Jobs for Life strive to restore work back to God’s original design. Learn more.

Pillar of Legacy was founded by Daniel and Amber Lefiyele to bring the Word of Christ and sustainable change to a people who hunger for both. They both have worked in mission fields around the world, and now, with their children, are ministering daily to the people of Chisuma Village. Pillar of Legacy’s goals are to help the people of Chisuma develop a personal relationship with Christ and learn the skills and knowledge they need to provide basic necessities such as clean water, sustainable food sources and healthful practices. Learn more.

Led by Sandra Thomas, Beacon Mental Health Services is a team of licensed, professional counselors and a psychiatrist, who use their clinical training to foster and provide a safe harbor for healing. Beacon Mental Health Services believes in journeying with others on their path to live wholeheartedly and fully engaged lives. Learn more.

Led by Chris Miller, Be Compelled  is a non-profit organization that exists to aid in the moral development of under-resourced youth through athletic and personal achievement. They accomplish this goal by giving students eye-opening and thought-provoking experiences through strategic partnerships with organizations, coaches and world changers. Learn more.

The Way 2 Serve Ministries exists to share the love of Jesus in practical ways through home repair projects, bible studies, and discipleship. Led by Shane Kyles, The Way to Serve Ministries provides opportunities to serve that lead to forming and building relationships with those they help. Learn more.

Blueprint 58 is a ministry that exists to empower youth to grow into community leaders through mutually transformational relationships in the Pittsburgh neighborhood of Atlanta. Learn more.

We are a community-based, indigenously-led Christian organization. Our focus is reaching inner-city youth in and around Atlanta’s Summerhill area. We spread the wisdom and love of Christ through our programs. By facilitating opportunities for personal empowerment, spiritual love, and academic enrichment, we’re on a mission to uplift our community! Learn more.

The WellHouse exists to honor God by rescuing and providing opportunities for restoration to female victims of human trafficking who have been sexually exploited. They do this through a safe, 24-hour residential environment offering spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical support services to trafficked women rescued from anywhere in the United States. Learn more.

Led by Gretchen Schwartz, Hire Powers is a ministry “dedicated to finding a job for every single person who desires a job, a job they can be proud of, regardless of their means, race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, disability status, genetics, protected veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.” While not a staffing agency, they are a group of volunteers dedicated to using a combined 50+ years of combined experience in corporate recruiting to assist people with not only finding a job but also negotiating offers, answering questions, and acting as advocates for those who may not understand how to navigate the process. Learn more

The Beck Way Institute is led by Dr. Rebekah Wright and we will be walking with her as we help her establish this new ministry and position it for success. Dr. Wright has a heart to serve veterans and guide them through processes to obtain earned benefits and provide personal support where it’s needed among other possible services.

Atlanta Recovery Resources (ARR) is led by Chris Zollman and he and his team have come to Orchard for further development and growth as they begin to serve those who struggle with drug addictions and are seeking cost–free help to do so. Chris will be working with us to develop ARR from a fledgling idea to a fully formed organization that will serve our community.

Led by Marquis Jones, Ebenezer’s Refuge is a ministry that addresses homelessness by providing supportive services to those affected by homelessness primarily in Fulton and Clayton counties.

Grace Abounds is led by Jeannine Breedlove and she has come to Orchard to further develop her ministry. Grace Abounds seeks to serve women who struggle with drug addiction and bring them through the recovery process. Orchard will be helping Jeannine to develop her skills to lead Grace Abounds and to best utilize the resources she already has at her disposal. Learn more

Led by Bill Ginn, this ministry is carried out in Liberia by McAfee School of Theology graduate Jessy Togba-Doya and his staff. Sustainable Liberia’s “mission is to enable transformational development by investing in the dreams of the poor, so that they might be released from physical and spiritual poverty.”

Led by Dr. Jim Jennings, Conscience international was started to inspire and motivate people to involve themselves in acts of conscience so that they develop a greater capacity to help others, become peacemakers, act on behalf of justice, and raise awareness of the problems of hunger, disease, homelessness, and denial of human rights worldwide.

This ministry, led by Kavian Baker, is an organization for individuals and families who face financial hardships and treat them with dignity and respect, regardless of their reason or circumstance. Kavian has set the organization apart by building relationships and helping individuals and families navigate the gaps in services that so often act as a barrier to independence and self-sufficiency. Learn more. 

Fades for Faith is a ministry that helps support Atlanta’s underprivileged young men through barbering services, from grooming to career opportunities. Learn More

Using an integrated wellness approach, Rehab and Beyond combines physical and cognitive rehabilitation therapies, medical exercise, motivation and physician backed health coaching to improve the quality of life for stroke and brain injury survivors. Learn More

At the Liberty Medical Center of Texas, their goal is to grow into a clinic that provides primary care, mental health, and audiology services to veterans, members of our armed forces, and their families in the DFW and surrounding community. Learn More

The Starr Institute is committed to educate, engage and empower youth & the community about child sexual abuse and exploitation. They do this by offering transformative skills in a safe space designed to positively develop and instill the confidence necessary for survivors to thrive. Learn More

NETWorks is a cooperative of churches in the Atlanta are, specifically working in the Northlake, Embry Hills, and Tucker communities. Their mission is to respond with the hospitality of Christ to the food and financial needs of residents and to partner with them to find long-term solutions to poverty. Learn More

The Valley Light Program cares for orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya by providing access to clean water and by partnering with local leaders to provide sustainable solutions which create hope through care, education, and community development. Learn More

Serve a Soul Save a Soul is a ministry that was started by Veronica Davis. She uses this ministry to feed people spiritually and physically, providing physical nourishment and evangelistic outreach during times of food service. 

Lead by Porter Horne, Immigrant Hope is a ministry that is working to provide excellent legal services as a way of showing our immigrant neighbors the love of God, so we can build relationships based on trust and open doors to share the Gospel and make disciples.

Joshua Anderson wants to help ministry leaders grow themselves, their teams & organizations by providing excellent, accessible & affordable coaching, consulting & training.

Led by Sheila and Arbry Brooks, New Beginnings exists to help survivors overcome the tragedy of domestic abuse, and ensure positive life-changing outcomes, by providing safe housing as well as personal and professional skills development, to enable a sense of wellbeing and confidence.

The Judy House is working to equip and develop those chronically homeless, precariously housed, or recently released from jail or treatment, on towards sustainability. and reintegration. Learn More


Founder, Sonia Adams, started Blossoming Vines to allow women a space to blossom where they are and extend their reach to others! This vision is fulfilled through special events, networking opportunities, mentoring, and through their Super Single Moms initiative each fall.

With 10-15% of its program attendees making first-time professions of faith in Jesus Christ, this is the most fruitful evangelistic ministry in Orchard’s history! Claudia Lopez, an employee of Atlanta Public Schools, hosts special trainings for Spanish speaking women to learn how to become childcare providers in America. These trainings all conclude with a special presentation of the gospel.

Linda Michelle Trainer found hope and healing in Jesus Christ after years of being sexually violated by a family member. She started Elegant Doves to help people who have experiences similar to hers discover that same hope and healing. Elegant Doves encourages, educates and equips women and teen girls through workshops, support groups, mentoring, and crisis hotline assistance to overcome the effects of incest abuse and post-abortion trauma and break the cycle of sexual abuse in families.

Dottie Tidwell and Peggy Lientz lead this discipleship ministry for professional women in their 20s and 30s. This study encourages personal, as well as spiritual growth through Bible study and practical domestic insights and the group meets in the homes of the leaders.

Founded by Lisa Smith, EWOE is a ministry that serves teenage girls by providing academic enrichment programs, leadership development, and other student enrichment activities. Learn more.

Led by Rachel Faulkner Brown, Be Still Ministries is a women’s ministry focused on women, freedom and rest in Christ. Through workshops, retreats, and curriculum it aims to create a hunger and thirst for the gospel of grace and for every daughter to know she is His favorite. Learn more.

Faith columnist, author, and international speaker, Patricia Holbrook leads Soaring with Him Ministries. Soaring with Him Ministries seeks to challenge, encourage and empower Christian women to build a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, so that they may be able to soar above any circumstances and carry out their God-given purpose in life to the fullest. Soaring With Him Ministries does this through their She Soars Conferences, faith-based blog, and books authored by Patricia. Learn more.

Led by Deb Gronner this ministry serves women by connecting them through stories of transformation from brokenness to redemption and conversations of the heart. They do this by working to “encourage, inspire and empower women to attain the living water of hope through the love and grace of Jesus Christ.” They are connecting women through the community and beyond with community resources to provide for their needs. They also provide workshops, seminars, prayer, bible studies and a place where women can connect.

Gilgal is a Christ-centered recovery residence for women experiencing homelessness due to drug and alcohol addiction. Through their long-term, multiphase program, they help women transition from crisis and homelessness to stability and independent living. Learn More 

A ministry led by Seanna Jimmeh-Bryce that works toward empowering women of color facing insecurities dealing with Alopecia. 

Led by Andrea Collins, the ministry of Morgan’s Closet Seeks to increase the number of women in the workforce and decrease the number of families living below the poverty line. Provides professional job interview clothing but also the knowledge that enables a woman to dress herself for success and execute a successful interview. Learn more

Youth and College

Led by Team Leader Rodnie “Swift” Graham, Becoming Us works to empower young men and women to build futures that they can be proud of. They empower by teaching young people their heritage and encouraging them to have a sense of self-worth because they’re not only loved by God but created for greatness. Through mentorship and educational resources, we provide guidance and tools necessary to build a future upon a solid foundation.

“They were just yelling about how angry Jesus was at all the sinners.” That is what Cam Buchanan heard as he walked through the campus of Georgia State University. Cam started The Real Movement as a venue for college students to show the “real” Jesus to other college students. Today, they operate on the campuses of Georgia State University, Kennesaw State University, and the University of Georgia with a leadership team of over 30 college students. Learn more.

Lead by Mwamba Johnson; Vision Collegiate Ministries seeks to equip, inspire, and empower ethnic minority leaders on college campuses toward holistic Christian living. They do this through coaching, collaboration, and consulting.

Run by Corn Williams and Curt Swilley, Young Gunz is a brotherhood that holds 6th-12th graders accountable to grow in their faith, develop lasting friendships and become a servant-leader that will influence change.

Lead by Trace Hamiter, All Things Ministries is an evangelical, non-denominational ministry that exists to further missional outreach and the discipleship of Christ-followers in order to reach those who are far from God in all segments of our communities while also uniting local churches and ministries to these ends. We are driven by the grace of Jesus Christ to become all things and do all things through God’s strength and for His glory so that more people can experience the abundance of life in Christ.

While he doesn’t have a name for his minister quite yet, Davis’ hope is to bring a ministry of discipleship, positive community and healthy lifestyle to children and teenagers through the fun and challenging aspects found in functional fitness (CrossFit Kids) programming for youth. He wants to promote positive self-image and create good character, developed through overcoming obstacles together and accomplishing personal goals on a regular basis.

Led by James Taylor Jr., We As Men exists to create a huge level of student athletes, who love God, succeed academically, and enjoy their sports journey. With a heart for young students from single parent, low income, and at risk homes, James Taylor Jr.’s ministry will develop sports teams for the sole purpose to create community, build relationships, and share the truth of Christ.

The Exceptional Foundation of Atlanta exists to create an inclusive community for individuals with a wide variety of both physical and mental disabilities such as Down syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Delay, Cerebral Palsy, etc. They do this by providing purposeful activities for adults with disabilities to increase social interactions, community service, and healthy lifestyles. Learn more

Led by Scott Solana, Youth Centric works to strengthen resilience, emotional stability and life balance in young people to reduce risk behaviors. 

Led by Brandon Quintero the goal of Field Camp Ministries is to give disadvantaged middle and high school students life changing, Christ-centered, outdoor living experiences.