Through Orchard Partners,

We help ministry leaders thrive by providing cost-free, customized consulting, guidance, and resources.

Do you want to start a ministry to do good in your community or do you have an existing ministry that you would like to partner with Orchard?

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 Before you apply, please read below:
  • We love to serve early-phase ministry leaders here at Orchard, but we now require all applicants to go through a process of discernment before we offer Partnership. 
  • If you’re just starting out with an idea and a passion you’re still praying through, we recommend that you start serving with a ministry that already exists in your area. A quick Google search can illuminate your options. We recommend that you explore the work that an active ministry is  already doing so that you can begin to see what is required to serve your chosen demographic well. If you believe you can innovate on how some of these ministries serve, please feel free to apply below. All organizations  accepted into our Partner’s program will begin by going through our Foundations Training Program through the virtual Orchard Institute platform. 
A note for all future partners: We have recently shifted to a seasonal consulting calendar! While we accept applications all year, we review new Partner applications two times a year: August and November.

What We Offer

All of Orchard’s services are free of cost thanks to the generosity of our donors.




Our Partners Process


Do you have an innovative idea for a non-profit? Is the Lord stirring something new in your heart that you want to bring to your community? Orchard is here to help. Our one-year discernment course will walk you through the hard questions you must ask before beginning a non-profit. At the end, with newfound clarity and direction, we'll help you file for your 50103 Status.


Once you finish the prequel (or for those already established their non-profit), the next step is learning the foundations of starting your non-profit. Our 1-year Foundations cohort meets twice a month and will walk you through foundational elements such as mission and vision, fundraising strategy, Board development, and good governance. Each Foundations participant also received their very own executive coach, all of which is cost-free.


With foundational knowledge in your toolbox, you'll spend two years with a variety of consultants working on 3-5 areas of growth per year. We'll work with you to establish yearly strategic goals to scale your organization, then we'll pair you with the right consultant to help you accomplish them.


You've done it! After all the training above, our hope is that your organization can be sustainable and successful on its own. We will continue to reach out with a variety of cost-free workshops and resources to equip you to thrive on your own for another year, while praying fervently over your organization's fruitfulness and faithfulness.

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The ministries of Orchard are built around the gifts, talents, and interests of the people who we partner with.