Our Values

We lead with our values. These are not simply nice words. They frame the structure for everything we do and everything we say.

Jesus is the Center

Glorifying Jesus Christ is the main goal of all that we do. Every aspect of Orchard ultimately exists to serve others and introduce them personally to Jesus Christ.

Fueled by Prayer

Prayer is multifaceted communication with God – upward, inward, and outward – and it is an intentional component of all of our ministries. Prayer is the tool God has given us to communicate with him for our personal growth and for clarity concerning our service in the world.

Love Motivates Us

We serve, not out of a sense of duty or obligation, but because God loves us: we are able to receive his love, and we want to pass that love on.

A Unique Creation

God creates people in his image with unique gifts, talents, and abilities. We believe ministry is most effective when it is done around the ways God has created His people. It is by leaning in to the ways God has created us that we have the potential to shine our light the brightest in the world.

Equipping Leaders

Orchard helps people in practical ways as they seek to serve God in the world. We help volunteers, often with limited discretionary time and resources, maximize their impact in the world for Christ. This includes planning and implementation assistance, admin support, resource development, professional development, pastoral guidance, encouragement, prayer, and funding.

Genuine Community

The people of Orchard come from a range of denominational affiliations, races, and socio-economic backgrounds. While seeking to follow Jesus faithfully, we respect differences, and value different points of view. Our culture is one of mutual encouragement, where people have permission to take measured risks without fearing failure for the sake of advancing the love of Jesus.

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