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We provide practical training and resources that address spiritual and operational challenges unique to participants of Orchard Partners and Orchard Churches.



A Silent Retreat

As Christians, we are called to do good and meet the needs of the world. However, if we do this in our own strength, not only do we suffer but also those whom we serve. Whether you serve in a full or part-time capacity, this class is designed to recenter participants spiritually so that they can effectively impact the world for Christ.



How to tell the world what
you do and why it matters

You’ve developed a mission, vision, and values but how do you get people to care? With over 40 years of experience running non-profit organizations, instructor Helen Cunningham will help attendees intentionally define and capture the heart of their organization in a compelling narrative.

Praying For Change

Dan Hayes

Get happier about your prayer life starting right now. Get the new eBook, “Praying for Change,” free from the Orchard Institute. “Praying for Change” shows you how to overcome hindrances to prayer and gives practical examples from the life of Christ.

Purpose Over Performance

Dan Hayes

We all tend to believe that clarity of purpose in our jobs, families, relationships, and connection to God etc. is a huge part of what makes life in this world worth living. In this book, Dan will give readers the tools to address these issues and develop clear steps towards engaging their personal purpose daily. 

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