Non-profits come in all shapes and sizes. Some are trendy and global. Others are simple and work on a smaller scale. But regardless of their size, scale or branding, the true impact of a non-profit lies in its mission and the character of those that lead it.  

If you’re looking for a non-profit like that, then look no further than a small apartment complex in Doraville, Georgia. There, you’ll find Cross Cultural Ministries has created a safe and nurturing environment for families from immigrant backgrounds in need. Through their programs, they are equipping children with the tools they need to succeed in school and in life, while also providing Christ-focused discipleship to anyone that enters their doors.  

For decades, Cross Cultural Ministries (CCM) has been one of the most consistent non-profits in the greater Atlanta area. Their focus is simple: to care for disadvantaged children day in and day out by offering after-school education and discipleship programs. Led by Virginia Cosgrove, she and her team have dedicated their lives to empowering children to learn and grow, all while sharing the love of Jesus in the process.  

As someone who has seen their work firsthand, it’s easy to attest to the selflessness and effectiveness of this organization. They are not concerned with recognition or praise but care simply about making a lasting difference in the lives of others. They accomplish what all non-profits aim for: the ability to make an impact on the community they’re serving. A lot of non-profits attempt to serve communities without actually being a part of that community. CCM does the opposite. Their ability to grow roots in the place they’re serving has allowed them to be a safe haven and place of trust for families that are in need of a little extra help. 

Orchard provides comprehensive online training, coaching, and one-on-one consulting to non-profit ministry leaders, like Virginia Crosgrove. Our services are tailored to both new and experienced leaders with the goal of deepening impact today and strengthening long-term viability for the years to come. When we have the opportunity of working with organizations such as CCM, it gives our organization excitement and life. Specifically, we have had the honor of offering cost-free fundraising and strategic consulting and guidance to Virginia and her team as they dream about expanding to new complexes across the state. CCM has plans for growth, and Orchard has the blessing of offering the tools to make that happen.

Cross Cultural Ministries is a shining example of what can be achieved through selfless service and community-based approaches. Their work has transformed the lives of countless individuals and families, and their impact will continue to be felt for generations to come. They are a true example of the beauty of the local non-profit, one that cares about the people they serve more than anything else. And regardless of if you have a non-profit of your own, or if you’re looking to love your community in a better way, we could all learn from Virginia and her team what it looks like to effectively do so.  


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