A letter from former Director of Operations, Liz Head:

This new year brings me to a moment of change: My last day as Orchard’s Operations Director was January 13th.  This is bittersweet news for me to share because it means that a wonderful season at Orchard has drawn to a close.

On January 30th, I will begin a new season as the Executive Director at Peachtree Presbyterian Church.  I’m excited to lead operations and financial management for a congregation and a mission that I care deeply about. I’ve felt God’s leading and guidance through my discernment process (which Orchard encouraged and supported).    

My time at Orchard has been the most fulfilling of my professional life. I’ve been able to see first-hand how LEAD’s refreshed training content and Orchard’s consulting services have blended to provide wrap-around services to ministry leaders. I believe now, more than ever, that the legacy of The LEAD Institute will be sustained and stewarded as a part of Orchard.  

I’ve also formed amazing relationships with my Orchard colleagues. I am constantly amazed at how God orchestrated a group with such complimentary strengths – a true example of how iron sharpens iron. (Jonathan Goode and I believe this so much, that we have already scheduled monthly lunches to continue challenging and encouraging each other.)  

In the past couple of months, Orchard has added two new members to the team: Aneliese Millians as the new Client Education Manager and Matt Yoder as the new Fractional CFO.  The curriculum and training cohorts will thrive under Aneliese and financial management is in good hands with Matt. 

Youll still see me around Orchard!  I’m facilitating live cohort sessions of our fourth Foundations Training module, I’ll be volunteering for Partner Roadmaps in the Fall, and if needed, I’ve offered to join the Orchard Board next year.  

Most importantly, my husband Hugh and I have stepped up our monthly support of Orchard – because we both believe that Orchard is a Worthy Investment! Non-profit ministry leaders are Orchard’s mission field, and Orchard is impacting over 110 Christian leaders as they move their missions and ministries forward. These leaders are more equipped, connected, activated, and sustained because of Orchard.  

As I close this email, I ask that you consider making a stepped-up commitment to Orchard, too! Many of you are already generous supporters of the work on an annual basis. Will you join me in supporting Orchards work on a monthly basis? A gift of $25-50 a month (or more!) makes a huge impact for Orchard. You can set up a recurring gift by clicking here.



A letter from our Executive Director, Jonathan Goode:

I’m writing today to share some news that is both exciting and sad: Liz Head has resigned as Orchard’s Operations Director to assume the role of Executive Director at Peachtree Presbyterian Church beginning in early February. Liz is a strong leader and this new role places her in an influential position at a church that has been a longtime friend of Orchard. Peachtree is so fortunate to be gaining one of the best ministry leaders I know on their team.  

Liz’s impact on Orchard has been remarkable, particularly as we merged our work with The Lead Institute in 2021. She helped transition Lead’s supporters into our new shared work at Orchard, and she oversaw a total overhaul of all of our core training for non-profit leaders. She built and led sustainable structures to manage our financial oversight and strategic planning initiatives. Liz’s selflessness, trust, wisdom, and diligence have left a mark that will impact lives far beyond Orchard.  

While this transition is news to many of you, our staff and Board have been preparing for it since October. We talk openly at Orchard about how God is leading each of us because we are all on seasonal assignments as we journey toward our eternal home. Aneliese Millans has joined our team as our new Client Education Manager, overseeing all of our training content. Matt Yoder has joined as our new Chief Financial Officer, ensuring the resources God has entrusted to us through our generous donors are stewarded with excellence and care. Liz modeled how to transition well through the thoughtful and instrumental role she played in training both of these new team members.   

Liz and her husband Hugh have become personal friends to my wife Ashley and me. Her oldest daughter has even started babysitting our boys! As gifted as she is professionally, I will mostly miss working with a friend. But our entire team is excited that she is moving where God is sending her! I feel confident that Liz will remain connected to Orchard in one way or another. I don’t think I know anyone who believes in our mission more than she does.  

Thank you for a job well done at Orchard, Liz! May God be glorified as you step into your new role!

Jonathan Goode | Executive Director