Orchard: Our Journey for Good

Like any successful road trip or adventure, you are aware of the time and distance it may take to get to your destination. You may map out your mileage or count down state lines. Whichever way you map out your journey, you are probably paying attention to the distance you’ve put behind you as you

Black History Month Spotlight: Tom Fritz

If you’ve spent any time with long-time Orchard supporter Tom Fritz, then you probably have understood his passionate heart for evangelism. On top of his service on Orchard’s Board, prayer team and involvement in the Men’s Bible study ministry, Tom has focused his career and life on expanding the

Why Orchard is Here For Good

Orchard is not just an organization, it’s a movement of people who want to see a world where Christ is known by the actions of His followers.    Tell us a little bit about yourself?   Terrell: I am originally from Huntsville, Alabama. I’m a graduate of the University of Alabama and I’ve lived in Atlanta