Orchard: Our Journey for Good

The ministries of Orchard are built around the gifts, talents, and interests of the people who we partner with. Our Partners are the heartbeat of what we do. From feeding the hungry, mentoring students, to fighting human trafficking, our 80+ Partners are using their gifts and passions to meet some of the world’s

Orchard: Our Journey for Good

In Orchard’s 25 years of ministry work, we have seen many changes. We have helped our ministry partners respond, serve and engage with the most relevant issues of our day. This requires our team to help provide relevant resources, ideas, and spiritual support in a constantly changing world around us.  

Sabbath Rest Silent Retreat: Advent

Amidst this busy holiday season, do you wish there was more time for rest and reflection in your life? Then join us for a special event: Advent Sabbath Rest! Come on December 15th for an extended period of silence and prayer on 22 acres of beautiful wooded land in Sandy Springs

Orchard: Our Journey for Good

Dan Hayes, founder of Orchard, would be the first to tell you that without that initial community there to believe in the ideas he was convicted of 25+ years ago, there would be no Orchard. He says, “The people [of Orchard] are big hearted and are always seeking to build

Orchard Spotlight: Presencia

Working to develop youth, leaders, program partners and volunteers, Presencia is helping immigrant youth grow in The Atlanta area to become the leaders for the next generation. Ruth Ann and Ian North are helping youth through neighborhood based tutoring, mentoring, and leadership development to teach them how to see the beauty in themselves and recognize it

Ministry Spotlight: Sisters for Society

Kavian Baker understands all too personally the difficulty of being a single mother and not having the available resources or access to public benefits that she needs for her family. She once found herself in a place where government assistance wasn’t readily available, her community was out of answers,

Ministry Spotlight: Noble Clay Fitness

Ben Davis has taken a passion and talent for fitness and turned it into an opportunity to serve others. Noble Clay provides personalized functional fitness to all members of the community at all stages of their journey and all income levels. Their work is helping their community see that living

Ministry Spotlight: Fades for Faith

Kody Miller believes that when you “look good, you feel good and then you can do good.” By using her experience and talent as a barber, Kody provides grooming services to men in addiction recovery, helping to support Atlanta’s underprivileged young men from grooming to career opportunities. Kody understand

Orchard: Our Journey For Good

This year, Orchard will celebrate 25 years of ministry – 25 years of impact, growth, serving, and inspiring. It has been 25 years of invaluable leadership and legacy. The road Orchard has journeyed has not always been smooth, but one thing we can say for sure is that we

Why Orchard is Here for Good

Orchard is not just an organization, it’s a movement of people who want to see a world where Christ is known by the actions of His followers.    Tell us a little bit about yourself.  I am an Atlanta native who has been a part of the Orchard family from very early on