The words peacelove and joy are everywhere this time of year. They describe deep feelings that speak to the most fundamental longings of our souls. We long for them because sin broke our relationship with God and subsequently broke our connection to the One who gives those things.

Throughout the Old Testament leaders, kings, and prophets rose up to help mankind better follow God. But no matter how valiant their effort, they always proved unable to close the gap entirely.

Even with figures like Abraham, Moses, David, and Jeremiah, the people of God found themselves in a seemingly unending spiral of rebellion. This backdrop of failed attempts colored the world that Jesus comes into.

What leaders, kings, and prophets could not accomplish, God chose to do Himself. He did not raise up someone, He sent someone to the womb of a virgin. His life would serve as an example, an inspiration, and ultimately as a sacrifice for all of us. In following Jesus, we find our way home. In following Jesus, we find our way back to the peacejoy, and love God made us to desire as we commune with Him!

Everything we do at Orchard is designed to help people encounter Jesus. That is why our team sees this work as such a worthy investment! We want everyone, everywhere to experience His peace, His love, and His joy.

Your partnership with us is what makes this work possible. Thank you for being an important part of our work. May you deeply experience the peace, joy, and love that comes with knowing Jesus this Christmas season.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Orchard!


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