Through the prayers and generosity of our donors, we were able to make 2023 a year to remember! Twenty passionate partners completed our online Foundations training, and we provided countless others with the resources they need to continue their invaluable work in their communities. Below are just a few of the many highlights from last year. We are thankful for how our donors are making Orchard’s work possible! 

67 Projects Completed

We completed 67 projects for our Partners, including 501c3 filing, strategic planning, rebranding, fundraising presentations, digital marketing, organizational design, program clarity, prayer, and board development. We take great pride in helping our Partners achieve their goals, and we look forward to continuing to improve their organization’s sustainability.

53 Expert Consultants

With the help of our ever-growing network of 53 expert consultants, we empowered our Ministry Partners to reach new heights of success.

36 Strategic Plans

We have facilitated 36 fully customized strategic plans for our Partners, tailored to their unique needs.


14 Ministry Partners

We created two workbooks designed to help individuals and organizations foster a culture of prayer and build a strong Board. We received valuable feedback from 14 leaders during the first round of beta testing, and we’re constantly striving to improve these resources. We’re confident that these workbooks will help non-profit leaders make a tangible improvement within their communities.


3 Professional Workshops

We hosted two impactful Board Development Workshops and a practical Year-End Fundraising Workshop. Additionally, we collaborated with Truist to lead a six-week Financial Wellness course, which 18 highly motivated Partners attended.

15 Cohort Members

We welcomed 15 cohort members to walk through our Foundations curriculum. This online training sets our Partners up for sustainability and success in their ministry work.


Orchard is thankful for another year of seeing a world where Christ is known by the actions of His followers!


Do you want to be a part of helping our ministry Partners thrive in 2024? You can do that by giving online HERE!