Like any successful road trip or adventure, you are aware of the time and distance it may take to get to your destination. You may map out your mileage or count down state lines. Whichever way you map out your journey, you are probably paying attention to the distance you’ve put behind you as you look ahead to finish the trek; calculating just how far you have come.   

Orchard has been on such a journey. Orchard will celebrate 25 years of ministry this year – 25 years of impact, growth, of serving and inspiring. It has been 25 years of invaluable leadership and legacy. The road Orchard has been on has not always been smooth but one thing we can say for sure is that we have never faltered from our goal: to inspire Christ-followers to launch and lead creative initiatives serving those in need. 

Throughout this year we will be releasing a series of blogs to focus in on some of the milestones of Orchard’s last 25 years. We will be highlighting just some of the invaluable people who have helped to shape Orchard and have continued to propel us forward to a lasting legacy that is Here for Good.  

With each milestone we hit we will see how God has confirmed this ministry and raised up committed stakeholders to keep that momentum going. We will see how Orchard has championed our Partners into serving their communities, some for all 25 years of Orchard’s existence. We will see God’s favor in the changes that Orchard has gone through with leadership, branding and expansion. And finally, we will celebrate all that God continues to do in the future!  

Join us this year as we share stories about Orchard’s Journey towards creating a world where Christ is known by the actions of His followers! You are a part of this journey and we want you to see just how far we’ve come.